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We believe that eye care means much more than getting glasses or contact lenses. Our comprehensive eye exam seeks to assess the overall health and well being of your eyes and detect any anomalies such as glaucoma ARMD or cataracts. Regular eye exams are important because half of all sight loss can be avoided through the early detection of eye conditions.
Our eye exams utilize the latest technologies to assess your visual needs. For example our Findus camera can take a picture of the back of the eye to check for its health and well being. Fundus photography documents the retina, the neurosensory tissue in our eyes which translates the optical images we see into the electrical impulses our brain understands. The retina can be photographed directly as the pupil is used as both an entrance and exit for the fundus camera's illuminating and imaging light rays. The patient sits at the fundus camera with their chin in a chin rest and their forehead against the bar.
We use these retinal photographs to follow, diagnose, and treat eye diseases.The end result is that our patient's visual needs are met with the highest standard.
When it comes to provision of spectacles we provide a great range of frames that we source from all over the world at very competitive prices. We will help you choose from 200 different types of lenses to ensure that you end up with the glasses that are tailored for your individual requirements.
Most of all we will allow you to control what you want to spend without any pressure or hard sell. So whether you need simple reading glasses, prescription sunglasses, slimmed down lenses or varifocals, we have you covered.

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Social Welfare And Medical Card Entitlements

If you hold a current full medical card you are entitled to a free eye exam at an opticians every two years. As well as this you may select glasses from a standard range at no charge. You must acquire prior approval from your local Health Office. Application forms are available from Cahill Opticians on request. Those with full PRSI can provide us with their PPS number and date of birth. We can check your entitlements on-line and if approved you will be eligible to a free examination and a contribution towards glasses or contact lenses.

This optician is a VHI VSP Network provider and offers a direct payment scheme. Contact us for more details.


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